My Personal Health Journey

Hey there everyone. I thought for my initial blog post I would share my personal health journey with you. As I was thinking about what to write for you all I realized that my journey really started as a child! I remember being so overly concerned with how I looked. I compared myself to everyone around me! Family members even gave me a hard time and reminded me constantly about the importance of how I looked. At the time I didn’t think much of it of course because I was young, but now as a health coach, I realize just how damaging all of those comparisons and reminders were for my health.

You know that feeling of never being quite good enough? Yep that was me, and to some extent it still is at times. After all, none of us is perfect! I have my good days and my bad days just like everyone else. Overall though my journey has led me to this amazing gift of coaching which has transformed my life and in turn I want to share my gift with you! So here it goes…My Journey

I struggled with my weight my entire life! I was what everyone knows as a yo-yo dieter, yep that’s right, just like you I tried everything under the sun to lose the weight. Oh, I was great at losing the weight but you know what…I was even better at finding it again! Here I am at my heaviest weight!

HOW EMBARRASSING! The truth is I was miserable, uncomfortable and downright heavy in mind, body, and soul!

Just like you I knew what to eat, I knew what I shouldn’t eat but it didn’t stop me! Oh, I would justify my actions with statements like, “you only live once so why not” or “I love food” or “life is too short to care about all of that”. But the ugly truth was I did care, I cared a lot! And while all of those statements are true, they didn’t justify what I was doing to myself. One day I had enough and I took on a health coach and jumped on a program. MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED the moment I made that decision. I finally took control of my life that day and I realized that my issue was food, my issue was me! I needed a coach to get me back on track.

Now some of you might think a coach is cheerleader or someone to guide you and yes, they do function that way at times but I am here to tell you that a health coach is not there to tell you what you want to here. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A coach is there to call you out on the actions that are holding you back from reaching your goal. A coach is there to be honest and hold a mirror up to your face so you can learn! A good coach will tell it like is!

Now I am using my gifts and talents to help others! This is me now and I couldn’t be happier! All of those mindsets and concerns are no longer weighing me down, literally!

So, there it is in a nutshell, my journey! I hope this gives you insight and hope for all you can accomplish when you CHOOSE! One DECISION really can change your life!

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