Finding Pranic Healing

My health and wellness journey has taken many twists and turns. Many years ago I took steps to become a Reiki Master. I found the work rewarding and I was able to help many people but over time I found myself working with energy in ways that seemed to suggest that Reiki was only the foundation or the starting point for my journey into health and wellness. Recently I was reintroduced to the system of Pranic Healing by a very close friend and fellow healer. I will be honest, I was very skeptical! I knew Reiki, I understood Reiki, and I used Reiki with great success. However, given that even my own Reiki practice had done its own metamorphosis into something else, I thought I would step in and take the Basic Pranic Healing course. I was surprised and elated at what I happened to me as a result of just this one course.

First, I felt my connection to the universal energy (A.K.A. God, Jah, Hashem, Buddha, Allah, etc.) so strongly that I was almost unnerved. I had never felt such a connection and I was almost light-headed from the experience. Second, the system is so easy to follow yet also so complex in its formation that each ailment has a protocol for the healer to use! This was transformative for me as I had been doing this type of healing already by morphing the Reiki energy I was using! Huh, I found the system I was already using! Third, this healing modality open me open to understanding how and why energetic hygiene is so incredibly important.

I do want to address the elephant in the room, the word “Healing.” This small and powerful word seems to elicit some very uncomfortable connotations! So let me clear in my explanation of the term healing.
Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged or unvitalized organism. Therefore, just like anything else healing is an ongoing process. We will get more into that in my next blog but suffice it to say that healing is not a one shot deal.

I have now completed 3 Pranic Healing courses and I am facilitating the healing of others on a regular basis. All of my clients have found relief from the practice and I look forward to continuing to assist others on their road to balance and restoration!

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