Doing the HEART WORK

Hello March! Wow the month of February flew by and I realized that I didn’t post a blog! Seems to be the theme of February for me as I spent that brief month going deep into myself and doing the heart work. Do you know about heart work? Well, let me tell you about the importance of doing the HEART WORK!

Most of us are familiar with hard work and in fact we live a life of hard work every day. Some of us are able to receive financial rewards for doing the hard work. Others of us just do the hard work because we have the innate work ethic and give 100% towards whatever we do. But when we break it down, how many of us can translate that hard work into the HEART WORK?

HEART WORK is about finding the heart and love in and for what you are doing by building relationship. In order to do the HEART WORK you have to build relationships with others but even more importantly you have to build a positive relationship with yourself, this is the essence of HEART WORK!

Personally I love that my hard work lead me to this path of doing HEART WORK as my career. This work allows me to speak with my clients on a very real and deep level with empathy and understanding. Together we draw on the heart to increase their overall health and wellness! Now when I say I pour my heart and soul into everything I do, it takes on a whole new meaning!

Doing the HEART WORK is necessary and deep work that can be very intense but it ultimately produces a feeling of fulfillment! I encourage you to do the HEART WORK for yourself, who knows it may just lead you to places you have been seeking within yourself.

With love and light, Faryl

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