Finding Pranic Healing

My health and wellness journey has taken many twists and turns. Many years ago I took steps to become a Reiki Master. I found the work rewarding and I was able to help many people but over time I found myself working with energy in ways that seemed to suggest that Reiki was only the foundation or the starting point for my journey into health and wellness. Recently I was reintroduced to the system of Pranic Healing by a very close friend and fellow healer. I will be honest, I was very skeptical! I knew Reiki, I understood Reiki, and I used Reiki with great success. However, given that even my own Reiki practice had done its own metamorphosis into something else, I thought I would step in and take the Basic Pranic Healing course. I was surprised and elated at what I happened to me as a result of just this one course.

First, I felt my connection to the universal energy (A.K.A. God, Jah, Hashem, Buddha, Allah, etc.) so strongly that I was almost unnerved. I had never felt such a connection and I was almost light-headed from the experience. Second, the system is so easy to follow yet also so complex in its formation that each ailment has a protocol for the healer to use! This was transformative for me as I had been doing this type of healing already by morphing the Reiki energy I was using! Huh, I found the system I was already using! Third, this healing modality open me open to understanding how and why energetic hygiene is so incredibly important.

I do want to address the elephant in the room, the word “Healing.” This small and powerful word seems to elicit some very uncomfortable connotations! So let me clear in my explanation of the term healing.
Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged or unvitalized organism. Therefore, just like anything else healing is an ongoing process. We will get more into that in my next blog but suffice it to say that healing is not a one shot deal.

I have now completed 3 Pranic Healing courses and I am facilitating the healing of others on a regular basis. All of my clients have found relief from the practice and I look forward to continuing to assist others on their road to balance and restoration!

Doing the HEART WORK

Hello March! Wow the month of February flew by and I realized that I didn’t post a blog! Seems to be the theme of February for me as I spent that brief month going deep into myself and doing the heart work. Do you know about heart work? Well, let me tell you about the importance of doing the HEART WORK!

Most of us are familiar with hard work and in fact we live a life of hard work every day. Some of us are able to receive financial rewards for doing the hard work. Others of us just do the hard work because we have the innate work ethic and give 100% towards whatever we do. But when we break it down, how many of us can translate that hard work into the HEART WORK?

HEART WORK is about finding the heart and love in and for what you are doing by building relationship. In order to do the HEART WORK you have to build relationships with others but even more importantly you have to build a positive relationship with yourself, this is the essence of HEART WORK!

Personally I love that my hard work lead me to this path of doing HEART WORK as my career. This work allows me to speak with my clients on a very real and deep level with empathy and understanding. Together we draw on the heart to increase their overall health and wellness! Now when I say I pour my heart and soul into everything I do, it takes on a whole new meaning!

Doing the HEART WORK is necessary and deep work that can be very intense but it ultimately produces a feeling of fulfillment! I encourage you to do the HEART WORK for yourself, who knows it may just lead you to places you have been seeking within yourself.

With love and light, Faryl


My Personal Health Journey

Hey there everyone. I thought for my initial blog post I would share my personal health journey with you. As I was thinking about what to write for you all I realized that my journey really started as a child! I remember being so overly concerned with how I looked. I compared myself to everyone around me! Family members even gave me a hard time and reminded me constantly about the importance of how I looked. At the time I didn’t think much of it of course because I was young, but now as a health coach, I realize just how damaging all of those comparisons and reminders were for my health.

You know that feeling of never being quite good enough? Yep that was me, and to some extent it still is at times. After all, none of us is perfect! I have my good days and my bad days just like everyone else. Overall though my journey has led me to this amazing gift of coaching which has transformed my life and in turn I want to share my gift with you! So here it goes…My Journey

I struggled with my weight my entire life! I was what everyone knows as a yo-yo dieter, yep that’s right, just like you I tried everything under the sun to lose the weight. Oh, I was great at losing the weight but you know what…I was even better at finding it again! Here I am at my heaviest weight!

HOW EMBARRASSING! The truth is I was miserable, uncomfortable and downright heavy in mind, body, and soul!

Just like you I knew what to eat, I knew what I shouldn’t eat but it didn’t stop me! Oh, I would justify my actions with statements like, “you only live once so why not” or “I love food” or “life is too short to care about all of that”. But the ugly truth was I did care, I cared a lot! And while all of those statements are true, they didn’t justify what I was doing to myself. One day I had enough and I took on a health coach and jumped on a program. MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED the moment I made that decision. I finally took control of my life that day and I realized that my issue was food, my issue was me! I needed a coach to get me back on track.

Now some of you might think a coach is cheerleader or someone to guide you and yes, they do function that way at times but I am here to tell you that a health coach is not there to tell you what you want to here. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A coach is there to call you out on the actions that are holding you back from reaching your goal. A coach is there to be honest and hold a mirror up to your face so you can learn! A good coach will tell it like is!

Now I am using my gifts and talents to help others! This is me now and I couldn’t be happier! All of those mindsets and concerns are no longer weighing me down, literally!

So, there it is in a nutshell, my journey! I hope this gives you insight and hope for all you can accomplish when you CHOOSE! One DECISION really can change your life!